Mandetory toturials for new players

I have a suggestion to improve the game for more experienced players.

When a new player come to town, some of them know only how to eat berries - some don’t even know that much.

I like the player interaction in YAH, and I don’t mind teaching new players. But it’s not always easy, and sometimes I feel like I don’t do anything else that teaching people to farm. - and at times I get a bit annoyed and don’t feel like helping at all.

For me it would be nice, if new players had to finish a mandetory toturial, that would teach them the most basics, like eating, hunger meter, farming, making fire and takeing care of babies.

That way when they hit the servers, they would be able to help a bit more and more experienced players would be more free. I think it would improve the multi-player experience a lot :blush::+1:

Sometimes, when there is a lot of people on the serve, new players is no problem, but if you are in a small town, only few players is one the server, and you need fertile girls - and maybe food supplies is low. Getting a new player baby is really difficult, I often use a lot of time and energy on them, only for them to die of starvation - even if there is food, or go afk :confused:

@Christoffer I really your team could improve this aspect of YAH :blush:

I know what you mean and I sometimes feel the same. But I honestly think the tutorial server, the introduction tutorial and the book are already very good implementations and everything that is needed to get along well and be a helpful member of a family.

I have seen this ppl that know absolutely nothing and „skipped“ every kind of tutorial, who didn’t even know how to open the book. And on the other hand I already had player who spend hours on tutorial server and didn’t dare to play „real“ without knowing the basics. Who even apologized for being a „burden“ and who wanted to be useful for society!

TLDR: For everyone who wants to be helpful there are good options to learn. Everyone who isn’t that eager to do that will not be better with a „forced“ tutorial.

But that’s just my opinion! In general I can totally understand the troubles you mentioned.


Hmm… That might be true, I just rember when I started OHOL there was a forced toturial, which way quite easy, if you just had a bit of experience og watched videos like HoneyBunny Games on YouTube. :hugs:

But I see your point as well :slight_smile:

Also again, all new player, who are willing to learn, are a blessing and so nice to play with - viatual hugs and love to both new and experienced players :heart: