Maps please

Can you add some kind of map so that we can have a sense of direction and to improve communication between players eg. Go 5 km south to meet me at the town.

This will make the social interactions and collaboration all the more effective and fun and therefore get more people to purchase this amazing game :slight_smile:


I don’t think there will ever be a full map system due to the fact that the app is trying to mirror the pc version as close as possible. The jason has said that there will be no built in navigation help at all. There used to be a way to request your coordinates from the server, but it has since been updated. Now when you send the request it only tells you how to get back to your spawn point. If you think about it, this is how it should be. The time period we are in would not have maps or anything. You only know about the world from line of sight and memory of personal explanation. Considering the pc version only just discovered paper and written language I think it will be some time before we discover map making and navigation.

The other alternative is to have a built in navigation ion system. In real life, you would have a least a north south east west basic navigation interface is better than nothing since everyone share the same map. Better for collaboration to build a lasting civilisation that generations can be proud of, dont ya think?

North = Up
South = Down
West = Left
East = Right

These are the cardinal directions that everyone agrees on. If someone tells you about something to the West, go to the left side of the screen. As for lasting civilizations, we already have a method for finding them. Its called a bell tower. Only highly advanced civilizations can make them. Not the little villages we see now. To construct stack stone blocks on top of each other. Each layer takes 3 hours to become stable enough for the next. It takes 18 hours total to build(ideally). To use, when someone rings the bell everyone on the server who does not have a home marker will get a marker that points to the bell tower.

I see. Thanks for explaining. The thing is the most advanced item I have seen in any of the server playing on my phone is a Adobe klin. I have never come across any villagers etc. What am I missing here?

You will come across abandoned settlements all the time. Usually after all the villagers have died. Sometimes I find ghost town that still have a fire burning. If you want to research more advanced tech you can checkout this site
Please note that this guide is outdated and some of the current recipes are different or missing entirely.

What about a map of a very local area, and it can only be made through several pieces of paper and after someone has explored it all constantly sketching on the landscape with a charcoal pen. They would also be limited in size. That way we could make town maps or small locality maps. Perhaps a compass pointing to the centre of the world might also be handy. The direction is not impossible to find as it is by simply working out the direction of enough Eve spawns as they move outwards in an expanding spiral.

If they had the maps you would have to make one with paper so they could do it and if you have a pencil your person could draw the area so you know what way you could go

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I disagree i think maps were actually one of the first inventions of humanitty

No matter how many days go by, THE PLAYERS DEMAND COORDINATES, or a ■■■■■■■ working eve respawn, if u cant provide it refund md pls


If there was a map, from a realistic standpoint, it would need to be limited to what the player drawing the map has explored. So perhaps you hold a map and pencil and whether you wander while doing so it gets drawn into the map as long as the map has enough room for it.

That way it wouldn’t be OP and used as a way of reaching old settlements, which would kind of take away some of the game’s point of selfless action for a community beyond your own individual gain.

I thought of something, it’s about maps. To make maps you need paper and ink, Soo you need to have an advanced society. Good ways to find something is leave a trail, Ie rocks, wood, or clay anything portable is good for trails and lots of foods too. As you might not be able to find food on your travels, you take a basket or bag with you. The Bell tower works pretty good, just be aware that if you have a home marker it don’t work

Hmm okay let’s see…
If they did actually add maps i think they would be either be too

to the point where it’s just a waste of time or too

There’s not really a way of knowing the perfect balance without releasing the map to see how players are using it.

Ok let’s say they actually did make a map on the game:
1)If they want to continue making this game “realistic” your character will probably not show on the map , so if you have found a map you will probably get lost and get confused.
2)If your area is not on the map you have no way of telling how and how many miles you have to walk to find the area of which is illustrated on the map.
3)Have you guys ever tried using a map? It’s extremely hard unless you have learnt all the basics but even so OHOL is very vast and there’s no change of altitude ; you cannot use landscape features to identify that location(such as mountains, lakes, rivers, ecc). The only way would be just looking at the change of biomes.

I’d also like to point out that it only takes one adventurous boi and 1 deadly element to lose all the progress you have made on the map. It’s really easy to get distracted , i dont know , by staring at the fricking ground while searching for wild food and trying to memorize the path you have taken all at the same time!?

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I think that you’re right, maps would be fairly useless for finding old towns on a large scale. But what about smaller maps? A child could look at the town map in the nursery and know everything they need to start out in life without having to explore it all themselves. Or alternatively there could be a map of a small cluster of settlements. Maybe if a map only showed natural biome and things that the player drawing the map has written in. So they might mark out the sheep pen and roads, or on another map the names of cities. That could be quite useful. Also for wider navigation perhaps we could have a compass that points to the centre of the world from which Eve spawns have emanated in an expanding spiral. The further you get to the centre the more old cities you might find.

I hear what you are saying, and I agree that they will not be added unless the PC has them. As to the time period… we are going into the industrial revolution, I think they had maps.