I feel like this game could use a map. If the game progresses in its tech each update a map should come into motion before cars and such. So here are the basics and to make sure this isn’t to op. The map can be used to scan a general 35x35 area. Once the player has explored the 35 area it will appear on the map. Crafting should be easy but also hard to get materials. This could introduce items such as paper. The map could also be upgraded to not rip. To make it not so OP, there should only be 3 maps per family to create. They could also be brung together to create a bigger area. I also thing you should be able to pin it on a wall. And each time it is viewed it would break. This could make for some awesome ideas and helping others explore areas not known to them.


I dont like all the breaking and “none op ideas”

It makes crafting it seem useless. I do like the idea. I think It should incorporate the entire map as a whole but each life you explore it gets bigger and filled out. (It should be on the side of your screen not something to craft and maybe a paid update since it is a big feature)

I say this because paper is indeed hard to make, as well the disintegration and small area makes it seem idk really weak to me. But I think your idea could be good as is. This is just my opinion.

Good job though!:heart::heart:



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That good! Bump :smile:

I like your idea better.

To have a mini map at the edge of the screen, or to just a button to open the map view.

  • I also consider the option that the map should be explorable (only visible the area that you already saw) and that it will be limited to a X amount of distance.

  • Making the map as a pay add on, them the map will be always visible (no need to explore the area so see that it have stuff in it), but also limited in size.