Marketing: in app purchase

Hey, so one of the things that makes this game great is its open sources so you can change a concept of it. I know the “Golden Rule” but, the original was based on PC clientele which is different then mobile.

You should make in app purchases like most mobiles have to boost the game. Say 2 purchases

life tokens: at age 55 an option appears to use for 1 minute. This would bring your character back to age 30

2nd chance: at the “moment of death” an option appears for 5 seconds. This would heal any wound.

Maybe stackable? Or not…

It would be a great way to fund the game, I believe successful, and would give advantages that people would like.

Just a thought. I mean seriously what’s an extra 30 minutes per life or one less hog wound?

And yes, if you stab someone and they run away they have a chance to survive, that’s more realistic then 100% fatality rate. (Without wool)


I think that is a great merchant’s idea.
The hard user will pour money through this implementation.

Still, if OHOL is troubled with financial resources, I think that it is not bad business to sell a large amount of punishment for registering one virtue to the inhabitants of a donkey village as historically :smiley:



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I don’t think it stays in-line with the idea of the game, at least Jason’s version, and it might make it more of a pay to win.


In app purchases don’t have a good reputation, to say the least.

Only the ones where the only way to play in with in app.

This is different than the pc version. Sticking to a “golden” standard is pointless. Why pick and choose to keep things as similar as the pc version, but charge way less for the almost same game?

The add on cost are for extra features, not what Jason is giving them to add or convert to mobile. Maybe a monthly subscription for access to private servers, added features, etc.

At the end of the day no one would care about this game(on the development side) if the ROI is to little and it gets abandoned.

The added revenue of a great marketing person or even just subbing out a firm, would pay for more developers(threw profits)and long as everything is fair and Jason gets his part of the cut it should be ok right?

People love this game, and if you do too having them be successful financially is the best way to support them. Anyways just my opinion :beers:

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