Marriage; or a Joining of Family Trees

Just an idea that I don’t really think will take off, but it would be cool.

So there have been several lives where my eve family will come across another eve family, and join up to help each other build a town. You grow attached to each other’s families to the point where you forget that you arent related to them. Then death comes, and you start to head over to the family chronicles to acknowledge and thank a few people.

You study your family tree and realize so many of the people that you helped and that helped you back aren’t there, because they aren’t related to you. You have no way of knowing how they’re doing, or if they survived or outlived your family.

So I feel like implementing marriage into the game would be cool. Perhaps having to craft something along the lines of a ring, or a marriage certificate. Maybe something even less advanced than that, just as a way to connect your family tree to another’s.

Of course, I have no idea how complicated or impossible this might be, as far as coding goes. But it’s just an idea.


Yeah the only legit way is to murder someone in that family, and then you can see the line from yours. Not really good to do that tho.

Yeah, not really something you want to do, although there could be an archaic kind of ritual to that. A chosen killer, and a sacrificial lamb. Marriage through death, I suppose. Still, probably better to just marry lmao


Turn marriage into a baby sacrificing line joining thing. Lmao noooo!


Every generation, one child is sacrificed to keep the families connected. “It’s a boy! Quick, grab the knife!” What a horrible family to be born into :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


Maybe a way to merge both families into one big family?

I really like that idea and for the first time a baby could have a father. The engagement could be done using a gold ring. the baby would have his own family tree, separate from eve family trees. The baby could see their parents family tree by tapping at them. And the parents can see the baby’s family tree by tapping at them and their partner’s family trees by tapping at the baby then tapping at the partner.

Now, could it be the marriage is only for male and female or could be done by every gender (LGBT+). If female and female can be married, the eve can be married one another and thus joining all the family trees. But then again, LGBT+ marriage is something that not everyone fond of. Also, this game is running in mobile that potentially played by children. Some countries may not didn’t like the idea of LGBT+ marriage. I’m not homophobe, but i just wanted to point out so everyone aware of this and can discuss about this.

Hmm… Then what about same sex = best friend forever ring . I think it is hard to like marry or mix 2 family together as this will increase the workload of dd. However , until the second generation of two married person , the person married can have a ring sign near their name when they die and when they touch the ring will jump to their partner name . Their children will have baby sign . And they when buried near together ( when die will have love sign near their bone to know them ) , and put stone , miraclely husband and wife sign will appear .

I think a function where the game adds a person to a list if youve seen them ingame would be nice. Like if you came across a person who was family or not it would be added to the list and be displayed like a timeline in order from your mother to the next person within a certain range of you maybe the distance of the close up screen? This could be attached to players like the see killer button.


I think a way of checking up on another family line you came across could be convenient; occasionally I find myself wondering how a person/family line worked out or wanting to leave them/the family a message only to realize that they weren’t born into my family. The marriage idea seems interesting but complex. It sounds fun, yet might be detrimental. What if everyone starts focusing on getting married instead of farming or smithing?

Though if it were to become a thing, perhaps a chapel or special object (similar to a peace lily monument) could be built. Possibly have Player 1 soil/water/etc., then Player 2 do the same/contribute. Or have Player 1 able to slide a certain object onto Player 2, which then gives Player 2 the option to accept or decline the marriage. From those actions you have a ring beside you when you die, which works in a similar process to the killer finder. Just helping throw ideas out there :smile:


As a suggestion, If two people got ‘married’ their descendants could have both their names - lets say Eve Smith meets Eve Yarn and decide to unite. Their kids wold be called Smith-Yarn. The oldest of the two gets their name first - so smith wold be yarn’s elder. Though I don’t like the idea of marriage itself - maybe instead something more like blood-brothers - marriage is a religious thing and i’m not sure thats a good idea to add.
There are a few ways this could work that i can think of -

  1. Only eves can unite lines (Perhaps a button like the ‘curse’ button appears when an eve in near another eve)

  2. anyone can unite lines (harder on the servers, but nice. Something farther up the tech tree, maybe? you could use needles to ‘prick your finger’ when near the alter and alter + 2 needle with blood = the union. When tapping on the other person instead of ‘not related’ you get ‘bloodbonded brother/sister’ and when they have kids ‘bloodbonded neice/nefew’ and ‘bloodbonded distant relative’ ect.)

2.5) Bloodbonding causes the entirety of both lines to adopt the smith-yarn name. the lines fuse. less like a bloodbrother, more like clan unification. hard on DD servers, though.

  1. Children can be ‘adopted’ by being named by the other family. (Lets say Smith had a daughter, if Yarn names it she becomes Smith-Yarn and can see both sides of the family tree. The yarn family would be ‘adoptive mother’, ‘adoptive sister’, ‘adoptive distant relative’ ect. When in the family chronicle, by tapping on Yarn-Smith will take you to the other family tree. Yarn-Smith’s kids would be Yarn-Smiths and could see both family trees. the line leading to an adopted child from an adoptive parent would be be instead of black. this also allows guys to have kids, haha.)

  2. Line uniting isn’t a thing, but theres a way to look up family lines like on the pc version.

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That also a good idea. Either way, partnership or seeing acquaintances both is to make the game more enjoyable and to be able to see outsider family trees.

Actually in this game, if we adopted outsider’s baby, the baby will be ours and have our family name and he will be displayed in both family tree (i think, not sure about the last part).

I really like your ideas! I feel like they would be easier to implement into the game, and actually meld without seeming weird.

It’d cause controversy if they left out LGBT+ marriage. I don’t see anything wrong with adding it.

True. But most games related to LGBT are banned in my country. Not all of them, just the ones that caught by government or anyone in charge.

Which country do you live in?


I don’t think it has to be explicit, or even marriage in general. Just a way to connect family trees. Cuz let’s be real, two eves are the most likely to be the ones who would have to do the thing to combine the trees. If an eve has to wait for a son to be born and then age to 14 (since that seems to be the age of adulthood in this game) before the other eve can join, just so it can be “straight,” well that seems very unnecessary.


Yes, true. Not every game that have same-sex marriage is banned especially the one that have very little detail about it. I’m just worried that i can’t play this game again because such an absurd reason.