You are hope suggestion: You should be able to make some sort of Proposal “Ring” Out of Vines, or— Forge a serious ring. Engaging to another player gives a usage to men being able to carry out atleast a generation- Or have another purpose. It would be helpful for new come-er’s or people who have in general gotten bored of just hunting, mining, etc. or generally arent good at it. To make a true ring however, it would take a fair ammount of blacksmithing and may have some downsides, but a divorce mechanic would be added if this ever did choose to exist, a women/man can only have 1 partner, and their partner must be atleast 5 years infront of them, or under. Or 3 years younger than them, if they are 18 however, their partner must be 18 before marriage. When trying to use the ring on a player while already being married- it will pop up saying “You are already married, divorce players name to Re-Marry another person” To prevent too many players Hogging multiple people.-YAH update ideas


also, marriage did not have to be for advanced villages, it could be just for some eve’s who found eachother, or a small family- also, distant relatives CAN marry, as its highly unlikely to find more people in YAH,
but siblings and your children/parent cannot marry eachother,

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