Mean pitbull dynamic needs to go

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you about a topic that really really bothers me:

I remember reading somewhere that the reason mean pitbull dynamic exists in the original ohol game is a kind of personal crusade of Jason against the american pitbull terrier breed.

It seems Jason’s girlfriend was once attacked by a pitbull, this fact making Jason a crusader against pitbulls.

So, i am a proud pitbull mom

and obviously this thing makes me go mad.

I can assure you people have been mauled to death by dogs of every breed, except the very small one.

In real life, pitbulls don’t just “get mean” and maul people. Every dog, animal in general, and even your child from suburbia has a chance to hook up on a train of bad thoughts and end up going on a killing spree. Pitbulls are NOT the breed that attack people more often. Golden retreiver is! Know why? Because golden retreiver is the most widespread breed.

It is simple like that. Dogs have the ability to kill, just like humans, and, just like humans, given the right circumstances, they will kill.

Since You Are Hope is an indipendent endeavour from jason’s ohol, I think the developers should consider distancing themselves from such a bigoted and disinformed crusade against a breed of very energetic but sweet dogs.

My suggestion is extending the mean dynamic to all breeds, but only once a long staight shaft has been used on them. This will better simulate real life: there isn’t a dog breed that “will go mad”, but every dog will react if abused!

(Maybe this will need to be adjusted as to avoid griefing)

Sorry for the double picture of my absolutely not mean pitbull princess :two_hearts:


Wow why would you post a picture of a vicious killer!? You can see the blood in her eyes, the death in her mind…

All jokes aside, the reason why this mechanic is there is because Jason, the One Hour One Life developper had her pregnant woman attacked by one. This led him hating the breed.

I agree with you… it should be removed :slight_smile:



I think that should also apply to feeding them. If you don’t tend to them or feed them for a long time, they would get upset, right?

I think Jason was very much traumatized from the incident. People have their own different experiences and opinions. Maybe we should just wait for the new game, which will more than likely not have mean pitbulls. Pitbulls are a very small part of You Are Hope as is. I haven’t seen one in the game in ages.


Or maybe they could escape fences and steal food from crocks and such when they are not fed?

You would be surprised by the amout of abuse dogs can endure before getting mean :frowning:

I am new and it is not the first time i read about a new game… what is that?

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That was a silly question, obviously there is a post about that.

I still would like my own not-mean pitbull in my solo server :grin:

And also in the grand scheme of things i would like to avoid the extinction of a perfecly good dog breed just because of misinformation being spred on the base of anecdotal - albeit traumatic - experiences

It’s true that in OHOL you can hit a pit bull with a long shaft, thereby turning it into an “Abused Pit Bull” which can attack players.
You are Hope inherited this content from OHOL, but we have already removed it a long time ago. Other players made the same complaints you do, and we thought they were correct.

So no, you can’t abuse any dogs in You are Hope (other than not feeding them, which you can do to human babies as well).

You can however have dogs as your friends and also as protection against wild animals, for catching rabbits and searching for buried treasures. Try it out, it’s fun!


I was made to believe OHOL pitbulls just have a chance to became mean pitbull without any action by the player…

So i was just ranting about a removed feature?

Shame on me, then…

And thanks for removing that :smile:

Wait, so we were just having a pointless argument? :sweat_smile:

Maybe it would be best to delete/lock this topic now that the case has been solved. Address the problem on the OHOL forums.

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Yes I am sorry its just that I am new to the game and quite confused :bowing_woman:

its alright to bring up the topic again =)
wasn’t sure if angry pitbulls are a thing in yah actually.
good to know it‘s not in game.

how cruel ohol let you beat dogs.

They also let you stab other players and kill animals other than dogs.

yeah but, humans and dogs live together since 15’000 years. dogs are by tradition as pets part of your familys household. don’t beat your pets.

For whatever reason they have, some people beat their pets. It isn’t preventable.

yeah but only because it’s possible to do so, it’s no reason to put it in a game and normalize it. as a developer you can take a stand against such cruelty, as many developers do. but jason went all the way and even spent time on implementing it into his game. so it was by intent to give players this option and tell this narrative of an aggressiv pitbull in his game. a position i can’t share with him.

Well actually it looks like an improvement from “this breed just becames mean with no reason” to “it becomese mean once abused”.

By the way, i too prefer that you can’t beat them in YAH.
Rabbit/treasure hunting and protection are way better mechanics than abusing your dog!

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Yes, but what about sorrow for other players and animals who’ve been hurt? Why not feel bad for them? Other players and animals are technically living things (just like dogs).

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Well we already have no kill servers, now we need more vegan dishes :grin:

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We need a new topic for that suggestion! :grinning:

PETA would be happy with you.

Peta?! I just said i don’t want to kill dogs :pleading_face:

Yeah, exactly. As far as I’m concerned, PETA doesn’t want to kill dogs either. :slight_smile: