Meat drying rack

i think a meat drying rack would be good to create more food, we could hang rabbits or fish on it and make dried meat and eat it. it would help get rid of a bunch of skinned rabbits too.


I agree. I have been wanting a place to place rabbit meats. I am just wondering how olden days people make dry meat. Maybe it requires some smoking .

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some places did it where they’d salt the meat or put other preservatives and then leave them out to dry for a few days

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The only trouble is salt can be obtained in snowy area which is my concern. But ya, that is actually how they do it .

Sounds similar to process to make honey bee. Fresh meat and a bowl of salt in place of honey comb?

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Ok , I will agree with you. No matter how many meats are on the racks , only one bowl of salt will be needed. Is that fair?

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Maybe dried meat could give more yum points.