Mechanics of Peace Lily Respawn Failed

I had been working on a town on the US1 server. Since US1 server doesn’t have a lot of ppl on it at the same time, I really don’t want to spawn as Eve in the middle of nowhere every game. That’s why I use peace lily. I had been using peace lily to respawn as Eve near my town. However, there seems to be a problem going on.

Here is what I did.

I played till 60 and died of old age. I successfully respawn as Eve near my home soon after. (so far so good). I didn’t place a new peace lily by the marker, I didn’t bury the previous me, but I still lived to 60 and died of old age. Supposedly, I should still spawn with the peace lily marker at the upper right screen right?
However, I was reborn to another player as a baby, and was killed by a hog when I went gathering clay. I respawned again, and I was Eve again, but the peacelily marker is gone forever.

What exactly has prevented me respawn as Eve once again near my old town? Was it my life as baby to another player, or did I fail to do something during my second Eve’s lifespan. I had been using peace lily for quite a while; however, I don’t think I fully understand the game mechanics on peace lily.

Was it the Hog that messed the whole thing up? Should have made a new peacelily home marker? Or, should I have buried my previous self?

You should have buried your previous self when you respawned. The tombstone on the grave is the trigger for the peace lily marker to work. Now you will have to be born to another player, live to at least 10 and have someone bury you with a tombstone. Your peace lily marker should then be reactivated and you will respawn near it again.


I see, that’s the part that I didn’t understand

Remember too that as long as you live until 60, in your next life you will return to your peace Lily location IF THERE IS NO FEMALE AVAILABLE TO BIRTH YOU. So look at the player count, and begin your game when it is at 0.

I do this all the time. If you forget, and end up being born to someone, just be sure to live a full life there and the next time you play you will return (as long as there is no one to birth you).


Once you get in the loop everything works out! Here is a tip, if there are other people or eves that visit your town while you are not online, then make a grave for yourself far away. Otherwise your bones will decay and the loop will be broken. Alternatively just have a friend that can birth you in twice so you can bury yourself.


great idea!

What WHAT?!?!?!


Whenever I forget to bury myself, because adhd, I just spawn Eve after Eve after Eve and roam the entire map leaving clues until I eventually find my own Bones from a previous, non eve spawning and can bury it.

I have wasted so much time.


Haha! Hey, that works, too—and remember, in a server where there is always someone playing, the no-mother option is no guarantee whatsoever. But @Eve_Peacelily specifically said she was in US1, which is one of the loneliest servers out there. So it should work pretty well…it does for me!

There’s always something new to learn in this game, I think—one of the things I love about it!