I would like to be able to use medicine by myself If i am injured. If I have a bleeding wound there must be someone else around to take care of me in short time. It’s hard to find one that fast. It would be great If we could use the wool pads and needle by ourselves. :slight_smile:


True. There’s one time I have to go to the hospital and there’s no one there, so I need to go to the berries farm asking for help. But I die when we need to go back to the hospital.


You are right. When I get hurt, I give up surviving. The hospital is too far away, and even when I arrive at the hospital, there is no user to cure me. I wish I could easily carry a Bowl of Antivenom Blood, a Sterile Wool Pad, and heal myself.

나는 상처를 입으면, 생존하는 것을 포기해버린다. 병원은 너무 멀리있고, 병원에 도착한다고해도 나를 치료해줄 유저가 없다. 나는 뱀독, 붕대를 손쉽게 들고다닐 수 있고, 자기 자신을 치료할 수 있길 바탄다.


This is also the problem. The only way to carry this is with our bare hand. The wool pad bowl cannot be lifted and the wool pad cannot be put inside our bag.


never saw someone getting healed yet :see_no_evil: so maybe it would be better to have more time before you die or you can do it by yourself.

I like this idea.

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@Candylim940802, @someone1 and me discussed some stuff on discord about healing yourself.

In 2HOL you can heal yourself by interacting with the medicine stuff. The other stuff you can’t use like in YAH. Would be nice to have this in YAH some way or the other.

What we would lose is a co-op thing, because you don’t need a doctor anymore. So maybe if you heal yourself it may should be a bit more difficult than get healed by someone else.

Healing yourself could be exploited by griefers tho. So we thought about stuff happening to you, if healing yourself. Either you couldn’t walk that fast anymore, because you are only half way healed. Or you couldn’t pick up weapons anymore, because you are too weak after healing yourself.

It could be fun if the healing be a mini game like in the game among us. If you fail the mini game you die. :wink:

Maybe healing yourself is only for private servers? But i can see it work also on other servers.

I have a solution .3.

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