Merging Every Single Server into one big Server

The PC version did this 4 days ago, so why can’t the mobile version? This has to be one of the biggest accomplishments for the game. Ever.


Is many player effects server latency?
I like to play in Singapore server because the latency is fast. I don’t like playing in eu server because it’s lagging

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An update like that would be very handy, especially if you’re near a server with a low population. Maybe if we just clumped everyone together according to the language spoken rather than region? Latency is of course the biggest issue with that practically.

One slight problem… Most of our player base plays on the us beginner server lol but good idea though

I hate that us-beginner server. So many griever feeding all the berries. Maybe because they are beginner.

Surely if it can happen on the pc version it could happen here? In theory there could be one or two servers with people being born into those with the same language as them rather than simply joining the relevant server. It might be too much to ask, although it’d mean we could build some proper cities outside of Japan without needing to rely upon Eve respawns. I’ll do that summoning thing of the admins to see what they think, sorry if it isn’t possible: @Christoffer @Jincheng

It’s cool, this whole @ command. I wonder what happens if I do it on myself…


I’m sure it’s possible.

One of the big differences imo from pc to mobile is pc is primarily adults. Mobile has a lot of very young players since its mobile and cheaper.

Oh yes, never thought of it like that before. Still, with steam, Ohol PC got a lot more newcomers and plenty of those were likely younger. The number of players was almost multipled by 10

I think the situation has been a bit misunderstood , let me explain a little:

  1. For PC, all servers are located in one place in the US. If you live close, you will have low latency (low lag) and if you live far away it will be significant.
    For mobile, we have chosen to put servers in different locations: US west, US east, Europe and Asia. It’s the players choice to pick a server with low lag for them, or to go where the most other players are.

  2. On PC a server was chosen for you according to an algorithm which distributed people evenly over a couple of servers. This was because one single server was not able to serve all players at once. Jason recently performed some optimizations to allow more people on one larger server. Right now when I’m typing, there are 156 players on the large PC server.
    On mobile, we already have been using larger servers for months, and we currently allow between 160 and 200 players per server. When typing this, there are 930 players in Japan, 3670 players in China and 113 players on the global servers. Those 113 would easily fit on one single server, if it was their choice to play that way. 930 or 3670 cannot fit on single servers though.

I hope this information helps a bit.


That explains a lot, thank you. Jason does his own thing and he has a right to do so, his goals for ohol don’t seem to be just about money without knowing him personally.

The servers cost money to maintain I’m assuming and some initial cost in there too. The more people buying the game in one area will naturally get more servers or better optimization of existing ones?

I suggest we spread the word of OHOL mobile and have our numbers go up. I never played a game that lingers with me like this one does after I play it. Or feel as accomplished when I die in the game at old age after raising a family and help people coming in to the game next.

I think the cost of this game is to low for us selfish bacon eating murder loving Americans. Mobile is almost as good if not better than the PC because of the convenience of a phone/tablet. And the amount of children ruining towns is because it’s to cheap.

I’m not suggesting anything but just pointing it out. Nobody wants less money but I understand that price was to be competitive. However there is no game like this one man created game. It’s so simple it’s beautiful. It should be almost the same price of the pc if it’s almost the same right?

To be fair to Jason or not fair in this case no one will get the pc version if price is way higher for the same game you can get on a phone and play it anywhere. I will gladly pay more for this game.

Maybe advertisements would help?

Ah yes I see now, thanks for explaining it. Having lots of servers and low latency does seem to help. Perhaps that explains why the mobile version of the game is so much more successful in Asia than the pc version. Maybe you could even try building another pc server in Asia so you could get all those new players? The mobile players would probably do most of the advertising for you. There might even be a way for different servers to communicate, like with satellites and stuff in the space age of Ohol development, as a thought XD. Thanks for clearing all that up anyways.

Or a translator!

Oh yes, good idea. Latency is the main problem though. If we could perhaps have some kind of super advanced future radio then we could communicate with similar radios on other server worlds. So the English city could make friends with the Japanese one even if they could never meet in person because of the heavy lag involved. We could even try sending space shuttles, probes and all sorts. That would be an interesting space age : )

A translater that could translate different languages into your main language is what I meant.