MessyTowns and flatstones

Hi all,

I wanned to talk about some stuff that players do really annoys me cause i cant tell it in game (life is short) i do it here.

  1. Almost every town is a mess,
    Stuff is everywere players dont know wat to do and runn around like idiots cause they cant find what they need.

Please if u take tools or anything return it or bring it to a logical location dont just leave it.

Alot of he time my life is cleaning up a town or looking for tools and making boxes.

  1. Why is almost every noob making rodes.

In alot of towns there are letterely super long rodes that lead to nothing meanwhile the town is still eating barries and running around naked.

  1. Players that take nacessary material,

for instance the adobe from the smith cause they need it or turn the long shaft into somthing els or steal the flatsones for their stupid rode.

I can talk about it for 10 more lifetimes.

Well clean ur town Love to all,

Your mom


Preach! Bottom line, if you take something, put it back where you found it or return it to a logical location.

I’d like to add to this, please stop building cemeteries. Fine, move the bones to one place if you want but don’t bury them until the village is very very well established. It is a waste of flat stones and but more importantly it wears out the shovel.

Another issue I have is with eggs. Eggs everywhere. People wanting to cook eggs everywhere. I’d say it’s fine and necessary in early game play or if the town is on the brink of starvation but beyond that it is a waste of time, energy and plates but mostly space. If you really want to cook eggs make your own fire, plates and find your own flat stone. Or better yet, find another project. If you want to contribute to the food supply, help with the farm instead.

And please, for the love of everything that is holy, stop taking items from the forge and the baking station! It is beyond frustrating when I am working on a project and have to leave for a second only to come back to see my tools and supplies are missing. For example, round and sharp stones are at the baking station for a reason. This goes for plates and bowls, baskets, and cutting tools. Go get your own or if you absolutely need to borrow it, bring it back.

Also, please, just stay away from the forge all together unless you are using it or assisting. It seems everytime I light a fire to smith, a crowd gathers and stands there for no reason, making it difficult to maneuver and concentrate. If you want to put your baby if front of a fire, then build one. It’s easy if a fire is already going. Just be conscious of where you are and don’t stand in front of or anywhere near an oven that is in use unless you are the one using it.

Please and thank you :heart:

Rant over


I love burying the dead. I can’t help it. :skull_and_crossbones:

It seems unnecessary imo. I just left a town where the only shovel broke for exactly this reason and we were left with empty soil pits that needed to be dug and no iron. Add to it the complexity, difficulty and danger involved with finding iron and creating another shovel. The farm couldn’t be replenished and the village was doomed.

I suppose if you really feel it needs to be done then you should at least make sure there is another shovel or make your own. Or wait until later in the game to make sure there is the capability to fetch soil with a horse or to make compost. Farming is tedious, time consuming and boring. I feel like it shouldn’t be this way and other players are making it harder than it should be.