Minecart/truck train version upgrade!トロッコ開発の提案

This is the first time that topics have been created. Also, because I’m not good at English, I used a rough sketch.
This idea was directly messaged to Twitter’s official account.
I want to share it with you.

I love minecarts/truck train.!!
But it’s not very popular and inconvenient.
So let me suggest a few.

  1. People can ride
  2. Can connect.
  3. Speed can be achieved with an engine or pump.
  4. Can turn corners.
  5. Combine with bricks.

    In case of 4., a circular line can be made.
    Then, the truck train cannot start or stop. So we need a station.
  6. Station
    You cannot stop halfway on the current track. However, it is very convenient if there is a station where you can start and stop along the way.

The truck train has the disadvantage of using a lot of iron.
If this proposal is adopted, village development will be more enjoyable.



A good suggestion
I hope this also gets wet with the body as well as the bricks.



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