Mining iron vein

I just mined an iron vein in my own server and I have mined it 30times. But tried it in public server only 16times. I also started to notice that tree branches in private server respawns really quick than public servers. :blush:

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Iron vein as well as mine break with a random chance, you were lucky to mine that 30 times.
Also about branches, I think that’s bc when you’re offline on your own server it stops- nothing grows, nothing moves, everything is on pause, including trees, but public server operates always, so branches grow always. There actually more details but I don’t want to get into them, xd


I would like to know more. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

That’s a server details, they may be called " ticks"
For example, large slow fire has 4 ticks:
1- turning from large slow fire into fire, just fire
2- turning from fire into hot coals
3- turning coal into a dust
4- dust disappearing. ( it’s just an example, idk how much ticks it have and does it have ticks, lol)
So when you log off a public server and came back next day- you still have a fire or a hot coals, which means that when your camp , actually camp " chunk" ( idk is it a correct name as well), isn’t loaded by a player, it’ll have 1-2 ticks and no more, before someone load thede chuncks by entering them or being close . That’s why you can find other players bones that can be " big number" years when traveling.
Hope you understand, lol. I don’t think this information is useful, but you asked :>

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Very much appreciated…thank you…:slightly_smiling_face:
I understand it now a little…:laughing:
I’m still a newbie and learning…maybe you can teach me how to make a shoe, aside from animal’s skin can I make a shoe from cloth?.

I think you can make one of sheep wool, with the… stuff that crafts of two skewers, xd

Ok. I’ll try it. Thanks. :smile:

Also, you can make thing called " geta" , you need to cut a log with a steel axe , you’ll get 4 wooden bricks, cut two with a knife and add rope.
You can also fish for an old boot, if you’ll add a turkey feather to it it’ll become nice and not old anymore , xd

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