Minor Tweaks ii

I’ve found three minor things i would change.

1.) Can we make it so you can add the 3 worms to compost with a basket not only with a bucket?
My reasoning for that is: you get soil with a basket. Then you put the 3 worms in the basket walk back to the compost put the worms into the bucket and then you add the worms to the compost. The change of the worms to the bucket dosen’t add any value.

2.) When there is a basket on the ground you can’t exchange it for a crock. It’s a bit annyoing. I did run into that problems several times. It would be nice to do that.

3.) Wet hollow clay sphere are used by griefers a lot. can it be changed so you can get clay back. on the en-nokids server are around 100+ clay spheres nobody uses. maybe the recepie could be: hit the wet hollow clay sphere again with a stone to get clay.

Thats all :slight_smile: keep up the good work dev team!