Misbehavior of numerous Chinese players - and the end of Ewig town

First of all: I have read the rules - and no - I don’t want to accuse or even condemn the entire Chinese player community of anything - but the following must be said:

A disproportionate number of encounters I’ve had with Chinese players on the US1 server have been negative - and I know through much exchange with other players that numerous others seem to feel the same way. The problems I have encountered are not general - but very common:

  1. complete unwillingness to speak (understandable) English - language barriers make the game unnecessarily complicated - and I should add that English is not a native language for me either.

  2. beneficiaries who only stay to be buried: This may be very common on the Chinese server - but here I find it indecent when a person contributes nothing for 10 years, consumes resources - and wants to be buried in the end. If one informs the person that he or she will not be buried, the person concerned quickly becomes very hostile in broken English.

  3. parallel societies that play on the US1 server using Chinese rules: „Foreigners" are gossiped about in Chinese - babies are left to starve.

To give another practical and sad example: For some time, along with dozens of other players, I had been building a town - Ewig Town - over numerous generations, which was well on its way to becoming something great. When I told a Chinese player who had done nothing for us (except be born and eat) several times that I would not bury him under these circumstances - a small uproar broke out. A little later, another Chinese player joined us and suddenly began to tear down the entire city - I could only stand by and watch. In the end, he placed his peace lily at our place - the city had fallen. To all members of Ewig-town: Yes. It is a great pity.

Of course, this is only anecdotal evidence - just one case - but it’s one of numerous that are unfortunately caused by misbehaving Chinese players. I know for a fact that the majority of the Chinese player community plays peacefully and productively - so once again, this post only criticizes those who do not. Here are a few pictures of the destruction.


I sympathize with you very much. There are not only good people but also bad people in Chinese. We have also been destroyed in gcr-2. Even the children who don’t work will be buried, but it does cause us trouble. Some children are really bad. Of course, it has also been destroyed by children pretending to be Chinese. I’m very sad…


How dare u say that?
Last night,I met some one who called Gaia in this fking town.
Guess what?This Gaia is a bad guy disguised as someone else. And we as Chinese Player burried the man who Called gaia so many times!
I ask to bury me,But the guy said “Let the kid die”!
OK,I want to ask u,after we burried so many people for no reason. Did any of our Chinese Player force others to work to bury them?
I never said“it is a waste (burying other),because i like to help people!
Look at these Screenshot!


Does your outrage allow you to think freely? I don’t know “your Gaia” and certainly no one has tried to impersonate her. The name Gaia is an allusion to the primordial deities of Greek mythology - and is certainly not all that rare or individual.

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Oh, I have only read the Chinese version of Greek mythology, and there will be no renames among our Chinese players.

I do feel angry, because our Chinese players never think it’s a waste when burying foreigners. On the contrary, we are happy to help others!

When we go to other people’s towns, we often help others to work, and we are used to digging our own graves, at least I will do it.

It’s not that we Chinese players have never encountered bad foreign players, but it’s not that there are no bad players among our Chinese players.
I don’t know who stole your things, but this Gaia’s behaviour is very rude.

Isn’t this game the epitome of the global village? Why can’t we help each other?

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Sad to see all that damage if possible I will help you to rebuild the town.

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I was there right now. I helped farming and feeding BBS in the end I helped my ma to build a bakery

Thank you very much! We have by now recovered from the damage.

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Made 6 bread and saved the girls from BB killer by let him pick me up so he couldn’t pick up the girls

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As a Chinese player, I am sorry to see what happened to you. We have also encountered similar damage caused by non-Chinese people on Chinese servers. I can understand your anger at the destruction of your town.
The Chinese sentence in your picture is actually very difficult to understand. This sentence does not conform to Chinese grammar at all. I don’t even know if it can be called a sentence… It’s possible that the guy is pretending to be Chinese…
In addition, when you see the obvious red B2 logo after a player’s ID, please be careful to raise him. He have done bad things elsewhere…

I’m sure these two were in cahoots. Unfortunately trolling seems to be international. Some people only play to cause distress to others. And for some reason ewig seems to get trolled a lot they got trolled the last time I was there maybe two months ago.

The Chinese players I play with are usually pretty nice. And I see a lot of people on the US server who will just stand around and talk and consume resources and not contribute. They get so mad when I call them out. I don’t know what their nationality is, but I kind of feel like it’s a generational thing. I’ve noticed a big change in the culture of the game with this wave of with new players and I suspect they’re younger people.

Anyway, I’m really really sorry that you guys got griefed again. And yeah some of the in-game cultural aspects that Chinese players bring over if there’s a bunch of them can be irksome, but I hope that we don’t paint Chinese players with a broad brush. Although I do think that if someone is coming to a server that’s not their country or regions server that they should definitely adhere to the culture of the server they are in.

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I’ve met a person named Gaia I think, she was pretty chill and had this cool home I helped paint :art: to me , it seems there’s two gaias perhaps . Btw I am a native English speaker.


Tsk tsk tsk…

The griefer in your picture used the wrong Chinese. It is obvious the griefer disguised as a Chinese. He may be from the United States, Japan, South Korea, or other places, but I am sure that he is definitely not Chinese.

In fact, there are a lot of bad guys in this game who deliberately use the language of other countries, pretend to be players from other countries, cause havoc everywhere, and maliciously cause conflicts and division between players from two countries. When we cannot identify the true identity of the player, my suggestion is not to raise strange children at will.


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