Missing Sounds

I noticed several sounds missing while playing. For example chopping a branch into Kindling. Did you exclude sounds to make the game file smaller? I think they are an important part of the game.

Thanks for pointing it out. It’s definitely not done by intention, but a bug to fix.
Our client handles objects differently than Jason’s, due to performance considerations. This means that his system for when to play object sounds don’t work for us and we’ve had to engineer it differently. But it’s a bit like translating between different languages with different grammar - and there is a risk for errors like these.
Reports like this will help us find and correct these errors quicker. Please keep’em coming :pray: :blush:

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Also related, but not really worth calling a bug, is that the baby crying sounds play quicker on mobile than desktop.

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Would it be helpful to have a list of missing sounds? It feels like a good portion are missing.

Is there a way you can automatically convert the sounds to your setup to avoid human error of missing them?

Yes, that would actually help a lot

Long answer, mostly for programmers:
Yes and no. We already have built an automation logic which brings all sounds into the build. The issue you see (hear) is when our code is missing playing a sound at the right time. On the client side, we are not reusing one single line of Jason’s code, so what we have done is to build a program which communicates with the server the same way that Jason’s does, shares none of the internal logic, yet behaves the same way to the user (or tries to, this is where the crux is).
Why are we doing it this way? The way Jason’s client code works is ok for PCs, but mobile devices would be super slow and eat up your battery in no time if we tried it that way. E.g. we have to batch render to be efficient, while he renders through direct calls. This means that we have to use object instantiation (two different carrots on screen are also different objects behind the scenes) while he doesn’t (all carrots you see are the same object behind the scenes). Also, Jason’s programming philosophy is that if you can make something work by adding a little something here and there, he will choose that way rather than uphold a stricter structure of the code. This makes it more difficult to build a second program which looks and sounds as if it works the same way, while it really doesn’t. It’s just riddled with little conditions and exceptions :slight_smile:

I guess we were further from 100% on the sounds than we thought, and this is good to know. The more examples of missing sounds we have, the easier it will be to find and cover all the special cases. (They may not look like special cases to the user, but they are under the hood). The target is of course 100% same behavior of sounds, and we’re grateful for any input in this area.

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One obvious sound problem is when grabing an eaten pie. It can be from the floor, basket or backpack. When you grab it, it will make the sound of a pie getting cook. A full pie will sound normal; one that miss a pice or more will have the cooking pie sound bug.

Gotta say I think that almost all the sounds are bugged for me.

Essentially if I do a series of tasks repeatedly the sound keeps changing despite performing the same action. They all seem to be sounds attributed to an item but a “forging”sound might play for an iron ore when picked up out of the basket rather then one for picking up off the ground. But is the same for most objects I have used.

Will be most noticeable when I’m repeat a task such as watering a farm or forging multiple items at once or cooking multiple pies one after the other.

Just seems really odd. And reproducible.

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I have the same problem as Dudeoftheages. After several tasks there is sometimes no sound at all.