Mom's killed from Grief? Please remove

Im a veteran from the release of OHOL and after playing YAH, i was surprised to see my character die from “grief” after a few babies ran off and being an “eve” i couldn’t take care of these babies and build a base for a future generation. I should be able to decide if i am in the right place technology to care for an infant. I have googled all around to find information on this mechanic but i didnt find any. I think it should be removed. I shouldnt be forced to care for a baby, or if i have to i should atleast know how many babies can die before im giving a “death by grief”. Other then that im enjoying the game, i like this alittle more then one hour one life, because i dont have to sit on a computer, i can relax on the couch and grind out. This is just my feedback, i do hope its removed. My girlfriend just started playing and she was stuck taking care of babies and because she was new and had to feed herself a few babies died or ran off and she died from grief. Thought this was a lame mechanic and would like to know why the developer thought this was a good move.

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You can take a crused carrot seed to not have babies.

Flat stone + carrot seed + stone ( swipe) = crushed carrot seed.

If you want to reverse it, take pine needle tea.


Yep! Details here:

My bbs are running away and I’m dying. If I hold them, they curse me. Not cool.

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