Monarchy Poll

  • your eldest child
  • your eldest girl
  • your eldest boy
  • your youngest child
  • your youngest boy
  • your youngest girl
  • your child you like most
  • your child who contributed most
  • villager who you like most
  • villager who contributed most

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Who do you give the crown to when you are a queen or king in the game and want an heir?

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players who contribute a lot shouldnt be in an other job with other tasks :wink: they are good so give them items to contribute to their work.

What if they want to be rewarded with a crown for their good work? Your eldest child might have eaten berries their whole lives. So, who gets the crown, it’s a tough decision.

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For me it remains the person who contributed because many times my children do not help me at all and do not even know how to look for food alone

Besides that if you want it has to be conquered I think it’s right

There is a new way to decide who to give the crown to in a monarchy. In a town in the us beginner 2 server, there is a massive fence arena in the jungle 38 by 15 tiles and there is a bear and mosquitos in it, and when the king or queen is retiring there is a competition. Whoever wants to become the next ruler goes into the bear arena, and then, they try to be the last survivor. Whoever is the last survivor wins the crown and the respect of the ppl they rule. The losers don’t actually die as outside the doors of the arena there is a healer standing by with healing pads and when they see a bit person near the doors they open them and heal them. I saw this actually happen and the bbs loved it, especially one of them who said she was super excited to compete ever since she was a bb and heard of that town’s tradition. And then the winner got the crown, the loser was healed, and the town went on. And the loser respected the winner and they told their bbs about the tradition and the battle. It is a cool story and different way to run a monarchy that I wanted to share that I didn’t think about when making the poll.


Lmaoo i got to play there my name was Katniss Everdeen :pensive: