More Aminos........?

. OneHourOneLifeM

That’s the ID of one of the groups… there is also this one…

. OneHourOneLife

And ours:

. OneHourOneLi339

So there are 2 other Aminos(completely abandoned, btw).

Plz join our Amino. It’s sad to see 2 different people put 5 minutes of work into their groups only to see that they only have 1 member (themselves). Don’t let our Amino end like one of this ghost Aminos… BY THE WAY, whoever created that one specific Amino with the “One Hour One Life For Mobile” title, show yourself…

PD: I even posted a gif. Go check it out

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What is an amino?

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A useful app for reach other who sharing same interests… but I find it a bit messy lol

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Ok thanks

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