More effective spawning

It will be more productive if we could respawn in the vicinity of the place of our last death. This will be mire encouraging rather than starting all over everytime we die or lose connection(which is common on mobile phones)

I think you would benefit from checking out this forum
That is the official forum for the pc version. Everything you have asked has already been answered here. It may also answer some questions you have yet to ask.

Also - in the last pc update jason decreased the distance between spawns by a factor of 2. Meaning this will likely appear in the next mobile update.

If you look for it there is a claim somewhere that the spawn pattern happens in a giant overlapping spiral. Hence why sometimes you will run into an eve or an old settlement - and why building settlements everywhere is worth while.

There is also a bonus where if you die of old age as an eve the next time you spawn as an eve you will spawn in the same place.

Currently though there is a bit of glitching with spawns - like spawning as an eve at he end of the tutorial area, or once I spawned next to an eve as an eve right after I died as a newborn baby of hers so these rules don’t always apply

In any case - the direction of the game is to build a civilisation through generations of different players, passing down knowledge and making resources for the next gen. Its not about respawning in the same area to make your personal town just for yourself (however appealing that may sound) a sandbox mode where you could do this would be awesome but it isn’t what this game is about

I like the idea of sand box mode, but it should be it’s own server for players who just like (creative) I’d personally play that mode