More Flowers / Purely Decorative Plants!

I love decoration, and although I know that a lot of the game is based around survival (as it is marketed as a survival game,) lots of players take pride in camps that they’ve built on private and public servers and are great at finding creative ways to make them look appealing to the eye with roses, vegetables, berries, water features, trees etc. However, I would love to see more flowers / decorative plants that we could implement into our settlements to make them look pretty. I don’t even think that there would be any need for a use for these items but if I could think of some, you could use different flowers for dyes (meaning that multiple flowers could make indigo dye etc) or maybe even more tea variations with herbs and flowers in them. Think flowering tea bulbs, rose tea etc- or even just using leaves from the flowers to garnish foods like omelettes for an extra hunger bar or whatever, similar to how you can eat bread slices alone but can add butter to it with a knife. Maybe you could combine/breed flowers to create new colour options e.g white tulip + red tulip = pink tulip, so that there wouldn’t be too many flowers in existing biomes, overwhelming the player. Sunflowers are another flower I would like to see as there are so many real uses for sunflower seeds/oil, I think it could really add something to the game. I don’t know, there are many things I could think of that run with this idea, but these are just a few I’ve come up with after brainstorming.

All in all, I really like the effort it takes to gather materials to make a town look aesthetically pleasing and so would never want this to change- but after a certain point in building your skill level high enough to where the basics come easy, I think a lot of us enjoy gathering things just to design cool towns with gardens etc so I would love to see more options to do this and make our towns look even more vibrant and impressive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I totally agree! Plus in some countries people actually eat sunflower seeds so maybe we could eat sunflower seeds if the sunflower seed skin is peeled off?


Yes definitely ! It would also be cool if we could combine seeds into bread (to make seeded bread) or even sunflower seed butter etc. We could even feed geese sunflower seeds as well as corn kernels. As I mentioned in the post I think that there’s a lot of potential for sunflowers and other plants so hopefully we see some new ones in the future :smiling_face: