More manuer types because it just makes sense

Currently the only way to make compost is with sheep. That just doesnt make sense. Because all dung could be used to make ferteriser yes even human dung (in real life). It would also add usefull reasons to get pigs besides it being a step to get dogs. Also dogs would have a use besides being cute and the nonsensical agressive pit bulls.
Well back on topic it would give us a little more variety in how we begin our towns besides sheep. Since dogs and pigs are considered to be a drain on resources and space by most players

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If they’re gonna add more manure, then they should add constipation.


Easy answer: Don’t breed dogs and don’t raise pigs. No wasted space and resources.

Consider: Yeah, other critters :poop: but why do we need other critters dung? Don’t we then need to corral/care for them? Wouldn’t that use more resources? Do we want dogs running around dropping their loads taking up ground space? And, I’m sorry, but ewwwww! How would we deal with humans pooping? Build outhouses? Would we have an early warning system, say, someone’s face turns red meaning they need to go drop the kids off at the pool? Would that then mean a Smithy would have to drop whatever he/she is doing to run to the outhouse? Who’d want the job of “honey man” to clean the outhouse and take it to the compost station? So many questions!

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:joy::joy: the human part was just saying irl that human feces can in fact be used along with all other animals dung so why is it restricted to sheep. And this is mearly a suggestion since for me the early to mid game is getting way to methodical for me.

And this was a suggestion to help increase the usage of pigs and dogs which are already a part of the game. Lol and the dog dung doesnt have to be a big item like the sheeps so maybe three put together would be what they needed so it would be hand pickable untill you combine three of them. Also the other animals would still follow the rule that they only drop dung when they grow. Lol maybe we could throw the dog poo to like snowballs :joy:

Oh and yes we just avoid pigs and dogs untill now. But i would enjoy seeing more of them and not have to worry about runing out of resourses for them. Meaning the corn. Since they would produce dung for compost. It would bassically ad extra steps to the farming side of the tech tree.


Instead of hurling dog feces at each other, maybe the devs could just introduce jungle monkeys and they’d throw their poo at us! Yet another wilderness hazard!

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Od hope they nerf mosquitoes first though lol other wise jungels would be impossibly dangerous

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