More players on the way (hopefully) / プレイヤーが増加(するはず)

Hi all!

The playtest of In Next Life is under way since Thursday, and is going very well so far ( We are of course happy for the attention for INL, but there is a risk that YaH gets overshadowed and we want to do what we can to remedy that.

So, YaH will be made FREE for three days, and hopefully pick up a lot of new players during that time. If you treat them well, there’s every chance that many of them will stick around and play with you for a long time to come.

Our hope is that this will give new joy to our faithful YaH players.

All the best,

// The YaH Team



In Next Lifeのプレイテストが先週の木曜日に始まり、今のところ順調に進んでいます。
( )





You are Hope あなたは希望です チームより


One of the things I also suggest is to make a new update for the game since Yah hasn’t received an update for a while.


I love to see the new influx of the players it kinda reminds me of the TikTok invasion that was a few months back one thing to probably note is that the players are begginers and need to learn the game, but it seems that they’re trying so that’s good.

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