More suggestions

Pillow has suggested water within the game.
And Greenwood has suggested rivers.

I wanted to give credit but also build on this.

I dont like the idea of an ocean since that would imply less movement without t aboat. I do like the idea of water. More places to fish and get water besides just a swamp.

In the real world they had rivers and streams, not just ponds to help their crops.
Also I think the" eve spawning should be more likely to happen where more people are"
(Quoted by Greenwood)
(Go check out his posts they are very useful)

So to bullet.

Eve spawning according to what it best for helping towns and villages keep going not to deny them of attention

I need the griefing to be more limited. The mobile game seriously doesnt need griefing!

We have bears. Trolls. Tons of those mosquito swarms.

I say stop griefing all together. Because i mean. What is more realistic. Only being able to get water from ponds ? Or only being able to hold one object ?

Or on the other hand. Making it so those who murder AND those who have been cursed more then once, get a death penalty.

So if murder isnt dropped I want cursing to be more of an affect or for the murder to die after they kill someone.

That’s just something I think is ridiculous for small mobile servers that already struggleto sustain life.

I know you guys try to go by the book. So many someone can suggest things to the PC forums.

Anyway have a nice day
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