Mother/child ban change and a bug

Okay. First sorry for posting 3 topics. I don’t come to the forum much these days.

So first I notice that when I ban a player from being my progenitor or offspring it’s now 14 days instead of 30. Idk why the change but I hate it, personally. Occasionally I’ll mess up my rebirth loop and I have to find a family on the outside. This is my chance to ban anyone who is being gross or bad so that when I open up my town to kids I don’t have to worry about trolls or griefers or racists. I wish it was still a 30 day ban… I guess they did this for a reason tho.

2nd, I notice that a lot of things have been invisible lately. I have mild amnesia, legitimately, so I know that this has happened several times but I can only recall the last time. It was a few hours ago. My daughter brought her child to me asking me to watch after her. I did t even see the baby until she put it down! I literally appeared from thin air. Has anyone else witnessed something like this?

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Yeah… I’ve “seen” invisible people, once before… The specific person buried someone in front of me and whent on their marry way… I never saw the person, just a hole got digged infrot of me :fearful:

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I also saw ghosts of people. Like, on their horse frozen somewhere. Then I get back into town and they’re there. Creepy.