For the yungs (after wolflords) have been curse by the knife

Blood and rage was in every corner of the willage

The trees have killled curse them and their siblings for thy have broke the peace

Curse you tree


@WolfgirlAria. Am I right

Wait, tree? all trees are murderers don’t trust tree

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Ya as i stated on dicord if i find a player named tree i am going to kill it i dont care if it wasnt you. So pray that your mom doesnt name you tree. Hell if anyone want to join me on a kill all people name tree go ahead.

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I was born to tree tree. She named me sapling. I thought that it was strange that she was making a bow and arrow before anything else. So I took some screenshots.

She then disappeared after I grew up. So I finished the arrows and tried to deal with the bear that I thought was the reason she was making the bow. This was my first an so far only contact with the Tree family.

Sadly i have been deemed this curse also

What curse?

The curse of the trees

I got hit by “The only Arrowsmith”.

She named me Targe … probably meant Target.

I too thought it was weird that she had been making in arrow and bow and a skeleton was beside her.

I like trees, and I did not understand the curse, (or in other videogames that I planted trees, someone opens my tree dead)

Person named Tree is a known killer in this game. When a baby tells me it tree i just run off let it starve. It not woth my vaulabe food bar to feed a known murder

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So he wants to kill everyone, just as he could call the apocalypse and kill the whole server of a … :frowning:

Apocalypses are down and cannot be triggered

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Im gonna start naming everyone “Tree” from now on and let the war begin.

Ooo I like war.

Well sh@&

because a war begins only because of a person who kills players, and call them a tree, … what is this?

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Its a curse of the devil himself