Music for Happenings

There should music be played when someone got killed. So everyone knows there is danger in town. Some kind of combat music like other games do play.

Or maybe a loud scream?

Aren’t there already screaming sound? Or it’s not enough?

yes i would say there is screaming when someone gets killed. but i would like if there would be music so it gets more intense in the moment. like every other game, when something horrific happens.

Maybe it should be made louder?

Wouldn’t that make it too obvious?

are you asking in general? yes its obvious like in every other game. but you are in front of a screen and not in the real situation. so music is there to support a feeling.

so as a player you don’t know if its save again. you are uncertain so you go check and look around. but while you doing that, there is no music at all. i think its a missed opportunity.

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I agree music for different situations helps set the mood, and makes it more engaging.

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I guess the developers should redo all of the music while they’re at it.

You are right. We still using OHOL music so I think it best to change all of them.