Musical instruments for yah

Now before I begin I am going to address to things, first of all, no I don’t know why I’m so active to day last night I just could go to sleep and had nothing other to do than to think about the most wonderfulest of game yah, and second of all, how the heck are these not in the game yet with everybody asking for them, now onto the post. In yah there are plenty of fun thing to do when you reach the tip of civilization, have fashion shows, chat, roleplay, maybe grief a bit and by a bit I mean don’t kill all the sheep just kill one or two but then immediately get those bowls of berries and carrots ready because need fleece to make a beautiful sweater dress to strut on the run way to win the fashion show(lol)(honestly don’t grief, a bit of mischief like a village having a couple of rows of carrots and trying to get seeds from them and you take all the carrots out of only one of the rows I would say would be ok but don’t take all the carrots out of all the rows that there using to try to create seeds that is crossing a line) but enough of that let’s move on to this posts main focus, musical instruments, I would love to see musical instruments in the game especially since I play an instrument irl, now I’m going to explain how they would be crafted one category at a time starting with wood wind, now wood wind you will have to have iron or steel for, so let’s first start of with the odd ball of the wood wind family the flute(also no, no I ain’t going to talk about how to make a recorder, Bc Idk about you but I certainty don’t want some annoying somebody just going around and being more annoying then a briefer by playing it 24/7)but to make a flute you would need one of those pipes with holes and a regular pipe with a singular hole with it in the top made(idk how to make a pipe with holes so help me please I am wide open to suggestions of how to make a pipe with a singular hole in it)for the keys idk either(I’ve never played any wood wind instrument other then a recorder) since I don’t know that much about woodwind let’s move on to the next topic brass oh crap I don’t know much about this category either but I’ll try yeah nvm I need help with this one too, next is percussion finally something I know more about, I’m only going to be doing two in this one but they are petty much the two types of instruments in percussion I think, first up a drum set, to make a drum you need a rim so get some get some steel and heat it up and then get a but log but the steel in the next to the but log and then use a smithing hammer to make it a circular shape, then get some hide, how do you get this, by killing a deer or a domestic cow but seeing as there is no deer in the game yeah or I guess domestic pig skin would be better, and ways lay the hide on top of the rim and get something to get it to stick on with idk and for the under neath idk there’s no plastic in the game yesterday so yeah and I don’t know much about them and I said set but I don’t know about the rest of the drums but the cymbals are very simple get two pieces of steel or if you have to much arctic near you than you know what to do with two pieces of gold then heat both ingots up then get a smithing hammer and that but log you used earlier, put the but log on top of the ingot and use the smithing hammer on it and it’ll flatten it out and then do the same thing with the other one and to put them on your hand you need to use idk, I would go over the category I know the most about which is strings but idk why I saved it for last and I don’t want to also ima skip piano which was the other percussion instrument because I have no idea of how to make that, but let’s move onto how to play the instruments or more precisely how to make music with them, to make a music sheet you need a piece of paper take the piece of paper over to instrument you wish to make sheet music for lay the paper next to the instrument(combine them in other words) and the get a charcoal pencil and combine it all together and you have empty(insert instrument here)sheet music and the a thing will pop um near the bottom of you screen when you use it the thing a the bottom of you screen if how you compose songs its difficult to explain and you can play around with different orders and chords and once your done creating the sheet music you can press done, but if you have to drop the music to feed yourself or something then do not press done cause if you press done you can not go back and edit it so yea, I know I made this post without really know all the aspects. But hey that’s just a suggestion, a yah suggestion(I need to add this to all the ends of my suggestions now)