My baby starved to death

I’m eve. I found abandoned village but no water around so i go southwest and found another abandoned village with water this time. My son—jack, helping me revive the village. Then i gave birth a baby and named her Sonia. I took care of her but i was distracted by some chores but i still stand close around her. She didn’t tell me that she was hungry so she die starving. My son ask where his sister and i told him she’s gone. He’s angry at me.

Later i have another daughter and named her Sonia 2. This time i takes care of her until she can do it by herself. Then, i have another son. I carry him in my hand for quite long time. And when i let go, he die instantly. I don’t know why. He supposed to be okay because i carry him all the time. My age is still 28 so i still can breastfeed him. But i don’t know why he die so fast.

Probably it’s my connection, but everything seems to run okay. I wonder why.

Anyway, i died at 30 because my cat distracted me while I’m playing. I hope my 2 children can survive.

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Sometimes children die almost instantly due to lost connection

Connection problems are the worst.

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