My first car!

Finally i did it, my first car!

Thanks to CC (@Cheese) for the materials and help.

It took a lot of time and i had to keep look on Onetech for the instructions and wasted lots of coal, but i did it!


You are so fast!!! Goood
I cost so many days to make the Diesel oil Wells

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Nice. How fast it was? I never try one or make one before.

Awesome! Good work

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Very fast, but the car stops faster than i thought and it costs one diesel tank.

Is it worth it?

I didnt make it because i wanted to use it much, but i just made it because i wanted to make one. You can only travel with it, but it can’t carry anything i think.

You should be able to put 4 items inside of it

Ooooh nice

kvo I need your help!
I was bitten by a bear in our home!so I lost my eve . If u can play right now . Pls tell me. I need the bell

Sorry @Cheese, i have a bit of a problem. I was just going to ask you te same. I didnt look carefully and lost my eve spawn to. I found your grave with the seal skin, i even brought it inside. Im so sorry, it was a lot. Its sad its lost. I don’t think we can get inside anymore.

oh…sad but that’s ok
There is another eve in our home. Tonight I ‘ll ask for her to knock the bell for us.

Oh phew. I thought our work would be lost forever! I don’t have much time this week but i wil look for a good time. We can always just say that you ring the bell and i get there as eve. Oh, and something else, i thought it would be handy to set our position on the map of Europe-2 so we always know where the base is.

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