My Guide To Starting a Settlement

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Where is a good spot?
So you spawned as an Eve and you wonder around. What do you need to start?

You need the green forest region with plentiful milkweed, and trees.
And a swamp with clay, and reeds. The other regions arent necessary until later.

Make sure to make a homing marker.
the basic supplies you will need is

Four rope
Lots of wood
A basic
4 red bundles
6 pieces of clay

And three sharp rocks
One stone

And that’s about it.

Make an oven, hoe, hatchet, bowl, plate, get some flint and start a mini farm of whatever crop you like.


It’s good to make sure those who spawn in know yout rules or advice. You should ask if they are new and my personal preference is to give them an assigned task or just lay down some ground rules for the farm, or like “Dont take my stuff make your own !”. XD



I wanted to add this before I post.

Carrots are a good secondary crop, they are better but if you pick the last carrot in a row you will need a shovel to renew the soil. So DONT.

Berries are good to start with and then things like beans, wheat, carrots, and squash should be done later.


Milkweed does not grow alone so you need to make sure you have a decent milkweed farm so you can remake your hoe, get more tools, and make clothes.


Rabbit is good and easy prey. Making an arrow and a bow is the art of ridding yourself of predators and prey alike.
Avoid killing to many goose, you can get the same meat from rabbits and goose provide feathers.

Do not set up the trap for the rabbits unless you see them with a baby so that the hole can be refilled and re-used. Make sure yo have a knife before you hunt bigger game.

Wolves are ok, and so are turkey.


Clothes are not a priority, but they are handy for keeping warm and looking smooth. Clothes should be thought of last since they again arent priority.
Things like crowns and such waste iron. So make sure to use fur first and replenish what you take.

**Some Tips **

Dont make a bowl of berries you dont need it unless you have sheep and your wasting bowls.

Stop making things and leaving them you dont need bread or soup, wait until you have the supplies to make what you want before using. I will edit the link to the official wiki site in a moment.

Wiki with everything you need: