My highest yum bonus

I got +25 yum bonus today, the highest yum bonus I could get. (happen in my solo town)

It doesn’t feel much when we were young. But when we get old, say 55, the benefits really feels great. We don’t have to canstantly eating over and over and have the same power as the younger.

Oh, BTW @WumboJumbo, I win.


Did you mean to post in Last Post Wins?

@WumboJumbo Yep. Well, you said “last post” so I think you mean I need to post and not comment in your post.

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No no no no! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes! You can stack it also, when ur hungry eat popcorn and green beans or whatever u can eat twice that’s different. Potato’s are actually 2 different foods also.

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What do you mean by that?
Did you mean popcorn green beans and potato can be eaten twice and will not reset our yum bonus?

I mean green beans and popcorn only fill up a few food bars. The potatoes count as 2 foods. Whole potato and half potato are counted as two separate foods.


@WumboJumbo hey, that’s cheating!! You changed the topic to general!

But it isn’t part of Last Post Wins. This is a separate thread. Not cheating.

Then, you don’t have to change the topic. I want it to be in that topic. If you don’t accept my winning you can just say it or edit your post so people know what exactly you mean for “last post”.

In my opinion, last post is the last person posting a thread. So, I’m posting a post and win. If it wasn’t what you mean, then make it clear to me. Changing the topic for my post is cheating and you’ll win by cheating. Unless you stated what the rule of your competition is.

Am I making it clear to you?

I want it to be in lounge topic because people in this topic will more appreciate to my yum bonus event, also posting it in general topic makes everyone see, I don’t want everyone see it. That’s the opposite of what I want it.

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