My idea 2

There are too many things I want to draw, so it ’s hard to draw. :slight_smile:


Uhhh nice! I like the recipes and it would be nice to have more uses for the kraut board! Good idea :blush::+1:t3: And nice drawings

Edit: I would also add water to the juice. At least it’s what I do when I make a juice in the mixer so it’s more liquid :yum:



Thanks for the idea to me. Katje.

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Thats cool! I Like the Idea of making Juice! I wouldn’t need the time like Kraut, but without it’s good Like it is! Maybe we could add a snowball to make slush or we could put a bowl of juice into snow to make icecream? :heart_eyes:


I will incorporate that opinion in Idea 3.

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You can eat skewers 3 times

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