My lump of cancer comes every month

I think he was banned in my village almost every month. It’s amazing. I’m ruining it in a new way this time.I don’t know how to deal with this kind of attention, so even if I’m banned, I’m going to have to change my identity every time.

just briefly translating the note the grieffer left behind - I’m the fractional distiller grieffer, now I’m back as a radio griffer lol make sure to send me to donkey town!

note 2: I wanted to ruin the town called snoopy or something like that - why won’t they open?

I’m glad to think that I was taken over instead of another village, but on the other hand, I’m heartbroken. Can I get rid of the radio component? It’s a headache for people who enjoy attention in so many different ways.



Hopefully we can remove those soon :pensive:

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