My lump of cancer comes every month

I think he was banned in my village almost every month. It’s amazing. I’m ruining it in a new way this time.I don’t know how to deal with this kind of attention, so even if I’m banned, I’m going to have to change my identity every time.

just briefly translating the note the grieffer left behind - I’m the fractional distiller grieffer, now I’m back as a radio griffer lol make sure to send me to donkey town!

note 2: I wanted to ruin the town called snoopy or something like that - why won’t they open?

I’m glad to think that I was taken over instead of another village, but on the other hand, I’m heartbroken. Can I get rid of the radio component? It’s a headache for people who enjoy attention in so many different ways.



Hopefully we can remove those soon :pensive:


Yes, because of this, the work space is reduced, so it is difficult to bake pie or handle iron.

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Have you tried expanding the workspace?

It is difficult to expand because there is a building next to it.

Maybe demolish the building and move it elsewhere?

How long would it take to demolish the building?

Wow! Some people seriously have no life why would you wreck someone’s hard work that has taken months to complete griefers are miserable people I hope I never have a griefer target my town like this.

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Griefers love destroying hard work that took months. That is the part that satisfies them. Anger only feeds them to further hurt people, so be careful.

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Some griefers are only small children.

Well. I don’t really know why griefers play this game. If they only want to destroy things and being mean.

Griefers should be educated by someone

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Yes, and some of them don’t know any better. If they’re so young, shouldn’t they not be playing the game for a multitude of reasons?

They find satisfaction in destroying things and ruining the experience for others. They’re generally selfish.

No matter how hard you try, that definitely isn’t going to happen. It is hard to reform griefers.

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Yeah that makes sense. When I run into minor griefers, the ones that just call you bad words, I’ve found it best to just ignore them and they get bored and go away and die.

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Speaking of the griefers, it’s funny that they pay for a game just to make others miserable haha.

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Exactly!! I would love to hear a griefer explain the motivations behind their actions one day… i could never understand why they do it

All that matters to them is that they get entertainment out if it. That is time well spent to them.

It is hard to understand because people like you and me aren’t griefers.

냥이님 저 초코소라빵인데 단톡방좀…

That is literally so sad imagine how many days you made those and they end up getting griefed hope u recover from these griefers sweetie love u​:heart::nail_care::kiss::sparkling_heart::two_hearts: