My opinion about the new mechanism

What I see from Devs main goal about the new mechanism is they want to stop child abandoning and child suicidal. So they come up with a new mechanism so player has to think twice before abandoning their kids or become suicidal baby.

The mechanism is fresh and still have a lot of disadvantages. But they will fix it with better strategies. They don’t intended to makes the game discriminate to certain gender and only want to makes the game as real as the reality, sadly the reality as we can see leaning towards unpleasant effects such as sexist.

But one thing for sure that solo player has the disadvantages the most. Solo player is just a different way of playing the games and I (as player) understand that it was fun to play solo.
Again, the mechanism is fresh and still have a lot of disadvantages, so we need to give them a good feedback so they can come out with better solutions.