My Perfect Society

If I had a perfect society. Here is how it would go.

The elder players who had more experience and showed skill would be the top dogs.

Each and king or queen.

The jobs of them would be simple. Do work. Teach. And enforce the law. Each would have a backpack and a knife for convenience.
The rules would be as follows:

No stealing
No sabotage
No unjust griefing or cursing
And No slack

You have to do your job and contribute what you take. You cant steal and waste items. Dont ruin a village hard work. And dont kill and curse people because your immature.

Basic right ?

The second line would be the workers who would have either asked to be trained in a trade or started on.

As babies they would be out in a warm nursery with a fire, and two mothers so each can leave to get food and the other can feed. Each baby would be asked of a letter to represent a skill or if they had none.

S for smith
H for hunting
F for farming
B for building

N for none.

There names would be like Farmer John or Smith Sarah.

They would be assigned to an area by a king or queen representing that branch of trade.a king or queen that is an Ace must excell at all aspects of the game .

They would do whatever needed to be done. So if your smith things get a bit trickery. Since you cant just fo whatever you want. Make shovels. Make axes. Youd provide the town or tribe with whatever it needed.

An apprentice would be taken on by a mentor when they are able to pick up things. They would be chosen by a mentor. And then taken in. Apprentices dont have to be new, they could be very experinced. But once a farmer. Smith. Or builder is in charge of an area.

You cant just barge in and do whatever you want. You have be polite ask and make sure you can pick their carrots and such as well as help plant. As an apprentice you would probably be gathering items and helping your mentor put them to use.

There would be another branch of Assistance of people who simply wanted to gather. they would be given tasks by everyone to get things and bring them back. But in return they would also be assigned a backpack.

Farmers would farm and bake and make food in all aspects.

Smith’s would make and craft tools.

Builders would make housing, walls and stuff.

Hunters would hunt, and make clothes.

Nanny’s would feed the babies and take care of children.

Nurses heal people and get supplies.

Kings and queens help and organize and dictate.

Assistants run gather and provide.

There would be a basic code of ethics for all. Like make sure to keep up a milkweed farm, and just because you skinned it doesnt mean you get the clothes.

As well these people would be able to take requests to fill a need. Like if more nurses needed clothes. The hunter would get the supplies to help.

I think when its farther into the game things like ranchers would arrive. The smiths would be responsible for lots of crafting.

Any the ranchers would make pens, catch horses, get sheep and cow and make sure to continue getting products from them and make clothes and other products for other people.

It would have to be a unified chain.

The one curiosity is

What if someone wants to learn how to smith and farm ?

They can. Remember when I said Ace. If you want to learn other trades you can say hey apprentice take over.

This requires everyone in this tribe or village to be mature. Know and respect the rules. And know the basics of the game like how you should plant milkweed before carrots.

If there are enough people within that trade your welcome to leave as long as you report to the elders (kings and queens) and then move on to help the head smith. Farmer. Etc.

I do think there would be a Lead Nurse,Head farmer, Head Rancher. Etc.

They would have to have the most knowledge and experience since that’s what would be valued. Not symbols like crowns or clothes.

Anyway have a nice day ! Thanks for skimming my ramble.


Nice utopia idea : ). Mine would be a capitalist system with a monarchy passed down by the current monarch after choosing an heir, while being surrounded by advisors who would make sure nothing goes too wrong and keeps a close eye on the weapons. People would have the right to own their own property, although a basic composting setup and the town nursery would be kept as public services overseen by the monarch. Each trade would likely share their possessions and eventually everyone would have individual houses. To help with this, raw clay would be the currency. It would remain free to take food from the berry farms, although anything else must be brought (so stock up on those pies in advance). For this reason each trade would best be suited with its own set of chests, a building and at least one cart ideally. Apprentices would be gathered from the nursery. People wouldn’t just act for their own benefit, but also for that of their craft which would be similar to a family. The more powerful the wheat farmer clan gets, the more straw they sell to the builders and the more wheat they sell to the bakers, the more influence they would presumably be able to attain in the Royal Court. Each head of a trade would likely also take on an advisory role to the monarch and act as the real holders of power who give their consent to the monarch’s rule.


My utopia would be a communist village



You should make a post on this, I’m interested to hear more :heart:

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Thanks. I already did actually, tis called Carts and Capitalism. Unless you were talking about somebody else’s perfect society idea, in which case my apologies.

I was referring to Bluebird, but I’m interested in yours as well so I will go check it out.

Thanks. Sorry for the misunderstanding : ). The communist society is also an interesting model for a town. If only we had more players to do all this with : ).