My plan to get yah at my dad's

ok so as I’ve mentioned in my other posts, my mom doesn’t want me playing games with other people/games period, and my stepdad doesn’t want me on my ipad until my room’s clean(ugh parents) but I have my ways, and my mom told my dad and he agreed so yea, but I’ve been thinking and hatched a plan, I do somewhere and buy gift card so it doesn’t take money out of my dads account, I also will need to have his phone for this plan, I have been able to earn a few games back at my dads, so ill tell him I want to buy something in one of the games so I can get the password, but I share the semi same email as my dad so when I download something it’ll download on his phone too, so once I purchase it, I’ll go on my dads phone and delete it off of there, and wa la mission completed , I could probable even get the spectate and private servers



Sorry Creatisum, but your plan sounds hilarious. :laughing:

Just ask your dad. He may give you the game as a gift, well he will do if you work a little bit for it. :wink:

Other wise. Good luck with your plan.


Nope,if he sees the images in the AppStore plus it’s a game with other people that will be no way hoseh

As a parent myself I would say clean your room and make a new apple ID :joy:

Dont forget to clean the mess under your bed too


I can’t clean my room my little hellion I mean sister(she’s almost 3) goes in there and trashes the place right after

Perhaps you can talk to one of your parents and ask them to try playing the game. Let them experiance you are hope for themselves and let them decide if it would be apropriate for you to play. The game is cheap enough that they might give it a try. Who knows they might even enjoy the game themselves.

As for your little sister clean your room and then show it to your parents while clean and explain to them that your little sister messes it up. They will probably doupt you at first but if you continue to clean your room everytime and show them the clean room they will most likely make rules so that she wont be allowed in your room anymore.

I already have it at my mama’s