My problem with the flat rock on hot coals

Okay, i will keep my idea short. So if you make a fire, and you wait, you get hot coals. Hot coals are very usefull. You can make meat with it that fill your stomach very good. And if you put a flat rock on it, you can bake omelets, bread and cheese. Mostly i use it to make omelets, because dough and cheese are very hard to make. But…
I Will give an little example: so, your fire turned into hot coals. Nice.
First you make omelets. Then you will put your giant amount of meat on.
But then, you cant get the flat rock of! You try and try, but it turns into ashes. Finally, you can pick up the flat rock. I get that its hot and you cant pick it up, but its still Anoying. And whe can make cars, but nothing to
pick up the flat rock? Use like a skewer, or something else.
I hope this usefull feature will make its way into the game at one point.


I wish you’d be able to pick flat rocks off of hot coals…


Same here, expecially when there is a noob that keeps killing your fire to cook eggs wile you are in the midle of smithing…


Very true /: