My suggestions🥲

Hi🌈 I’m a Korean user who enjoying this game so much. There’re some new ideas that I came up with, so I thought it would be great to share them here with all of u!
(1) Putting paper stacks in a box or bag

: We can only put a piece of paper in a box or bag now, but I wish we can put stacks of paper in too because they take spaces and hard to carry.

:star2:(2) Horse-drawn cart with rubber wheels (contains 6 things):star2:

: We can already use rubber wheels with hand carts. So this recipe doesn’t need anything new. I really really wish I can carry things more than 4…🥲 This will save soooo much time of ours.

(3) Moving a bowl of sterile pads & Self-treatment

: We can’t move a bowl of sterile pads without taking out each pad from it. It doesn’t make sense to me…🥲And also, I wish I can treat myself because it has to be done in a short time. Most cases, there is no time to ask someone else for treating me before I die.

(4) Storing raw porks and muttons

: I wish I can put raw meats in containers or something, like raw rabbit meats.

(5) Rose hair pin

: Roses are so pretty(especially blue one!) but it’s so sad that there is not much use of them…

+And this is not a suggestion, but can u please fix this? The walls are covering white roses so I can’t see them…:sob:

(6) About bricks

: There are 2 things.

:star2:(6-1) Using one paint bucket three times :star2:

: Making one paint bucket needs too much efforts(milk a cow, prepare slacked lime, handle extra cream from milk). So I wish maybe we can use one bucket three times…🥲

(6-2) More paint colors(like green, brown, purple, black)

So it’s been my suggestions. And as always, big big thanks to developers for providing this game. Thanks for reading byebye( ◠‿◠)