My town is gone

It’s been a while since i last played, over 2 months i am sure
And today when i decided to play again, my town just disappeared

As you can see my home marker saying that i reached my home
But nothing there, I scouted the area near it but still nothing
Is it a glitch? Or is my town gone forever

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sad to hear. yes your town is gone. each tile has a timer on it of 7 days. if nobody visits the place for 7 days, it will reset. sometimes some tools, crocks and signs will be left behind. but the most part will be gone.


That has happened to me once. I think the timer is longer than 7 days, maybe more like a month or two, but yes, you need to visit your town every once in a while to keep it going. And also I believe sometimes the server goes through a complete reset, regardless of time, and everything vanishes. That one is rare, but it happens.

Sorry! Maybe think of it as a chance to start fresh?


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