Naming Horses

im now in the horse breeding business. is there a way to name horses? i don’t want to brand them with hot iron, thats cruel. but i just want to give them names so i can track them down when they get lost ;-)!
epona i, epona ii, epona iii


Naming horses would be so cool, I would love to name one Jörgen (I’m a Pewdiepie fan lol)

If we could make the carts and saddle different color that would be nice too.

Can I join your horse business? I’ll help fill the carts with food and rope.


Also dogs or any other animal that we adore.

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Maybe they should all be called Jörgen. :smile:

Pewdiepie is from the same place in Sweden as I am, a smallish suburb town of 40,000 inhabitants. I wish I knew him personally, then I’d have shamed him into playing our game a bit. I imagine that could have helped the sales quite a bit, lol.

Well, names for dogs are a good bet at least. Naming, training and giving orders too… just wait a bit longer, it’s a complicated feature to add (not the names perhaps, but the rest).

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Make a Jörgen that won’t die, that should convince him lol.

If horses can be named we can name them after jobs like hunter’ s horse gatherer’s horse in villages.

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I would really like to see tamed horse being able to wear crowns and hats :joy:


Imagine a horse with a straw hat :joy: easy there cowbwooyy :sunglasses:


haha jörgen :joy: what a nice name for a horse.

oh that would be nice to have different colors :+1:t3:! so we can see which is which horse.

nice idea to prepare the horses with food and rope for the next adventure :hugs:! you can join me on eu-2.



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Naming horses would be so nice! And different colors, also able to breed them. Would be very cool!