Naming yourself and your kids

Naming is a big part of this game. Some players use a certain name on a regular basis or change it when they have a different character.

Is it possible to get a shortcut with your recently used names so you don’t have to write it every time?


Yeah, like how you choose your body language and what you say while posing. Maybe something like that could be used for naming yourself and it saves and be allowed for every and all characters, (since you can also be a male in the No Children server.) That’s a great idea.


yeah you are right. there is anyway a button to name yourself or a kid. so there could be a list of your recently used names. when you want a different name you can also use the keyboard as before.


maybe something like this for the tablet version:

I don’t see why what’s used for mobile can’t be used for IPad/Tablet when it comes to this. And I think what’s used for choosing body language and sayings, should be used for naming, but in a different section of course. That’s just my opinion though.

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I don’t think the chat interface should be keep out can have a chat we chat will be in a certain range can open don’t want to see want to chat chat to work time can hide chat screen press - this also convenient for us to help new players teaching communication is one of the most important I often can’t see my children to chat by typing

I agree if we had a button interface for our chosen names it would really nice. It could also just appear when we dont have a name (eves) , or are holding a unamed baby.

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I wish I understood the technology language. XD