Need advice/help

I like this game, been playing a while and I play on the singapore server but mostly koreans who only want to solo / with their friendss. When i pick them up, they give middle finger! i end up playing alone everyday.

What to do? other server very lag.

can i refund?

Dont think you can refund. Most people are nice to me. Singapore server never gets played on, only if friends want a sort of private server. Maybe you should still try the other servers.

sadly i live nearest to singapore. other servers lag and i die even when i avoid wolf! thanks anyway…

i am ok if they solo but they curse and middle finger me when i pick them up…makes me angry and sad playing this game…

Argh, i get it. YAH can sometimes be pretty frustrating.

thanx anyway for reply!

try to play in jp server?
Japan is closer to you
more people
friendly family
but……Difficult to communicate
(my English and japanese are bad)

That is just plain old sad…