New alliance

I was born in the new bell town, with the family of manager, a fam with 2 towns. I was with Swizard and Yolanda and we formed an alliance (I think). At one point my sis was kidnapped bye my uncle, and he took her to his base up north (which was super close). She is still alive as I am writing this with a few kids. I also had a griefer bb who tried to kill me the whole time (even though I was on beginner). Overall, pretty good life. any ideas on our alliance name?- FoxVe/Molly

P.S my pronouns are him/his, I just chose the name Molly since I am still looking for my sis Hope huhhhh, Hope to find her soon.


Swizard called it Forum Alliance … What a crazy life it was :sweat_smile:


Which town were talking about screenshot it pls. I dont have much time to play YAH anymore.