New Banishing System


When Griefers are banished they get to visit “donkey town” But it is very easy to survive the time there… Eating bananas, standing around and just waiting it out. So no big deal really!

How about a new system?

When someone is banished they have to accomplish certain tasks in donkey town before they can come back!


Lighting a fire

Cooking three sister stew

Baking bread and pies

Do some basics smithing (like making an axe)

In this case at least it would be assured that no one who is just playing the game to destroy the doing of others would easily get back.
It would force people like that to actually learn the game! and maybe they would find it more fun playing it the way intended than destroying everything…

How about ist? What do you guys


I think it’s really dumb. Those are very easy task to do and griefers need time of complete isolation. The whole atmosphere and point of donkey town is to feel alone. Because you deserve to be, if you’re wrecking towns. It shows you there is no point in playing with anyone but yourself if you are going to harm others. Doing task has nothing to benefit this purpose

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i think its a good idea. so griefers wont just skip donkey town by munching food like bananas.


It sounds nice in theory but if i remember right donkey town spawning works like the normal eve spawn spiral. Bassically meaning that if you get sent to donkey town you start with nothing as a eve.

This puts a few limits on what tasks can be completed. And how many.
For example making a iron axe would require spending time to make the fire tools and a kiln making bowels and plates and finding, catching, skining and cooking a rabbit then make a bone needle and sow up the cut rabit skin to make a water bag to make the bellows. then finding at least two peaces of iron ore smelting it and making a hammer to make an axe. Depending on your luck and speed you should be about late 30s early 40s unless you were really lucky. If you have to make all the tools around late 50s or not at all. Unless again you were super lucky with the iron ore finds.

Three sisters stew would be similar but should be acomplished relatively quickly at around 30ish if your fast and planted the ingredients as soon as possible. Same with the pies

Bread is bassically a nono unless you dont have to cut it since it would require crafting a knife witch would take almost an entire eve life unless your lucky with the ore spawns again.

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But yah donkey town needs a bit of a revamp. I think it would be better if when you get banished to donkey town you cant acess the servers except for training servers. Depending on how manytimes youve been banished recently decides which tier of the training servers you have to do like the make the tools and die on the snake one would be last and if you cant beat them you cant join the normal servers except the private servers of course.

When you try to join the normal servers it says “You have been banished now you must serve your time by compleating <server_name>”

There would probably have to be a special server probably called Donkey Town where the banished players can still play with other griefers but it tells them they have to finish the practice servers to return to the normal servers. This is because there might be some legal issues internationaly if they were bared from the multiplayer acess since its a mmo technically but i dont actually know about this just a guess lol.


That is a great idea!!! :smiley::+1:t2:


I like the idea, too. Tasks can differ depending on B count of the player.
B1 to eat 1 rabbit, B2 to make a pot of stew, B3 to bake a variety of pie, B4 to plant 10 Milkweed… Something like this.


Girl didn’t u also complained on wanting the banishment system to change now u don’t?

There are better ways to word it if you’re not a fan of something.