New biomes and animals

There should be more biomes to the game and these are my ideas.i suggest there should be 2 to 3 biomes added.1st biome should be a beach biome and should have ocean water that contains more fish like sharks,tuna,lobster and more.the materials the beach biome should contain is coconut trees, yucca to make rope and lemon trees lemon :lemon: :deciduous_tree:.

2nd biome should be a mountain biome but not just a mountain biome. It should contain lava puddles that if water is poured on the puddle it should make Obsidian for other uses.and the animals it should have on there are goats or others. And it the mountain biome can hold iron ore deposits and gold.

3rd and final biome.the final biome should be a biome that has nothing but rocks or metal can hold bear caves and lion caves.the lions could kill you but you could run away and dodge their attack when their charging.i hope you liked my suggestion and please tell me what you think :heart: :smiley: :blush:


Well, the 3rd biome we technically have already just without lions, but they still all sound great biomes to add to the game.

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Iโ€™d love to see more biomes in the game. There has been great progress in other areas but the number of biomes hasnโ€™t changed ever (that I know of) and it would add so much and be so exciting for experienced players.

I donโ€™t known if it is even possible anymore with a new game upcoming but still worth bringing it up.