New bricks

I love the new bricks <3 but it would be good if we could dump them from the wheelbarrows.
Im thinking maybe placing them in a pile. For later use.

Itd be best if you could stack two tiles of bricks together like a block to save groundspace when actually making the bricks.

As it is now you have to make the bricks take them to where you want them dig the hole place them and repeat. But if we could store them a fast player could make many sets of bricks quickly while someone else huals them or they could haul the bricks after theyre done making them.

Edit: actually thought of a better idea. Brick bell tower.
The recipe would be to stack six or eight bricks together add plaster then add the bell.

Game mechanic reasons.

  1. Unfinished towers could serve as storage for bricks
  2. Would be faster to build than standerd tower because you wouldnt have to wait for the stones to set.

Asthetical reasons.

  1. Painted bell towers.
  2. Bricks look nice.
  3. You know you want it.

For goodness sake, stop reading my mind! :joy:

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And also brick mud. I remember one time having dirt in the wheelbarrow, and mud in the brick former. Now i am talking about this, i think ‘many stakes’ should be changed to ‘pile of stakes’, ‘some stakes’ or something else.

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Maybe also add a gravel kind of path for garden designs?