New build v0.9.8 (build 6): What's in it

We have just rolled out a new build for ios (0.9.8 (build 6)) and android ( It should become available to you sometime soon, usually within a few hours.

In this build, we have made some more fixes/improvements for our network connection. It should be interesting to those of you who had the annoying “waiting to be born” issue.

Long story short, changes are:

  1. IPv6 compatible. This seems to cause people having “waiting to be born” issue if the connection was on IPv6. Now connection using IPv6 should be accepted and it should not cause that issue any more.

  2. There is a network test button in the settings. It will perform a series of network diagnoses to help you detect potential network issues. Running this test will show you if you are on IPv4 or IPv6. And if you still cannot be born then please run the test and post a screenshot of the test on the forum so we can know your problem better.

  3. The “open setting dialog” workaround to avoid the issue for some people is not needed anymore.

  4. General improvement on network error handling. If there is network error happened on born to game, you will see a reason specifying what the error code is. Run the network test will probably give more information. If you keep getting the same error, let us know that.

Thank you all for your patience and kindness. We appreciate a lot.

// OHOL for Mobile team