New Domain Name for the Forum

It’s 2020 now and it seems a good time to make some changes that have been postponed before. One of these is regarding the domain name of the forum. The plan is to change the address to “” within the next couple of days or week.

If you experience any problem connecting to the forum in the near future, please try both the old and the new addresses and see if one works better for you. It can sometimes take some time before all computers on the Internet agree on domain names and so-called DNS lookups.

If it happens that you can’t reach the forum at all, please remember that there is a “Report a Problem” button in the settings window in the game app. Feel free to use it :slight_smile:



What about the in-game button that redirects you to the forum? Will it redirect you to the correct domain once this change happens?

It would be a bit weird if it didn’t, don’t you think? :wink:

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Yeah, that’d be weird…

The forum address change is live now. Please try it out :smile:

So that’s why my password wasn’t saved…